NJF 2013

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I do not update this very often! What a cliche I have become. For the last two months I have been working as a digital marketing coordinator at a local firm, writing the odd short story, recording demos for a new futurekids release, not making films, not interviewing bands, prepping the 2015 UWpg Film Fest (April 29-May 1) and planning my wedding!
The band ended out last year hitting #4 on UMFM's top 101 of 2014, which is nothing to sneeze at.
I would like to be drawing more, but I'm feeling creatively fulfilled by the music, which is nice. It's also nice just to have a safe place to create with people I trust. My good friends Paul and Kaeleigh now join Ian and I in futurekids.

I wound up spending 192 hours on the futurekids "Inservice" video and it wound up getting premiered on The Venom Blog and shared on a few others. Crazy, right? I also directed and edited a new music video for Eagle Lake Owls called "Sunday Morning" which starred Muppets (well, unofficial, but still). It was a blast. The futurekids EP has been spending some solid time on the charts and is currently at #5 on 101.5 UMFM's top 30. Our release show is slated for October 18 at the Windsor Hotel, more details TBA. We also might be playing Nuit Blanche. At my day job (The Uniter) we are set to start up our publishing year, which will include having yellow street boxes throughout the downtown area to help get our 10,000 issues out to the masses. Cool? Cool.

So I've spent almost 150 hours over the last two months on a new hand-drawn animated music video for the futurekids song "Inservice". What was once my favourite song by my band is now something I kind of never want to hear again ... but I'll give it six months. We've been writing and playing shows and our EP debuted at #16 (currently sitting at #10) on the 101.5 UMFM chart, which is weird/exciting. I also purchased my first DSLR with video capturing capabilities, so that is also exciting. 2009 HERE I COME. Expect a bunch of videos at some point. I also have not tweeted since I started the new animation. COINCIDENCE?

About three weeks ago my band futurekids released its first proper single, Merit Badge, and it was shared on a few blogs. It wound up receiving over a thousand plays in just over a week. I don't think I've ever made anything that people actually liked, let alone wrote about without me asking them to, so thank you to everyone who took a listen.
Last Friday we played our first show as a four piece. Tonight we are opening for The Gay Nineties from Vancouver and The Wet Secrets from Edmonton.
We also made a seven song recording and asked Juno-winner Jamie Sitar (Destroyer, A.C. Newman, You Say Party) to master it and he did. So now it sounds bigger and better.


So I don't update this very often. That's why there's a Twitter feed. 

April was consumed by the 2014 UWpg Film Fest, recording a seven song EP with my band futurekids, and training some new blood at the magazine I edit (The Uniter). 

I've been drawing a lot more, just for fun, and for posters/my comic strip/a graphic novella/etc. You can check out all that junk on my "draw" page. 

I just Googled lawnmowers. This is because I am 31 and in need of a new lawnmower. 

It's nice to have a yard. 


Hi. I've been tweaking this website for a while, but I think it's finally at a place that is livable. Since I've kind of returned to my first love, drawing, I'll be posting quite a bit of that type of thing, in addition to music videos/film, writing, photos, etc.