NJF 2013

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futurekids - Say Goodnight to the Machines (2014)
Merch Table Delite - Unaired Pilot Episode (2013)
Video Brats - Side Pony (2013)
Various Artists - Songs in the Key of Hope: The Derek Wheeler Story (2012)
Clint Flick - Winnipeg'd (2012)
Merch Table Delite - Back to Lo-Fi 2007-2012 (2012)
Suburban Sidecar - The Long Road Home (2002)


"Merit Badge" by futurekids
03 Merit Badge (single)
futurekids (Say Goodnight To The Machines)
"Illegal in Japan" by Merch Table Delite
"I Choo Choo Choose You" by Gareth Williams (Written by Nicholas Friesen)
Gareth Williams
I Choo Choo Choose You